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Back-end address verification


Back-end address verification describes the automatic correction of large volumes of address data, before the data is used in processes such as billing, marketing and shipping.

Companies have historically relied on back-end address verification for their data quality needs. Increasingly, however, more organizations are realizing that a combination of front-end and back-end address correction processes are necessary to create a comprehensive data solution.

Back-end address verification software combines automatic and interactive data cleaning processes to:

  • Correct address errors
  • Flag bad addresses that cannot be matched automatically
  • Standardize addresses, including CASS™ certification etc.

All of these functions combine to save companies money through mailing discounts and reductions in returned mail. The interactive functionality of back-end verification software enables companies to salvage more addresses than an automatic process can, which in turn enables companies to hold on to existing and identified potential customers.

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