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Dedupe software


Deduping software searches through lists or databases and reports any duplicate records that it finds.

Deduplication software benefits:

Many companies hire employees to manually detect and correct duplicates in their database(s). This highly repetitive task often proves to be extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Deduping software eliminates the need to manually check for duplicates and provides tools to quickly and easily correct dupes in the data.

Most sophisticated dedupe software systems:

  • Maximize true matches
  • Minimize the manual effort required to review those matches
  • Allow you to merge and purge multiple files of data
  • Give you complete flexibility when choosing your match criteria
  • Provide fully customizable reporting

Deduplication software uses advanced algorithms including phonetic and fuzzy matching to detect and highlight duplicate records. When using this software, you can search for duplicates using any data fields in the database, and merge and purge multiple files of data.

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