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A keystroke is the pressing of any key on the keyboard.

For example, typing the phrase 'address software' counts as 16 keystrokes because there are seven letters in the word 'address,' one space between the words and eight letters in the word 'software.'

Address software 
7 + 1 + 8 = 16

Requiring one keystroke per character can mean a painfully slow data entry process, including considerable margin for error. The good news is, Experian Data Quality software can reduce the number of keystrokes needed to enter a U.S. postal address by nearly 80%. The benefits of this are obvious:

  • Increased efficiency during data entry
  • Improved productivity in the call or contact center
  • Decreased customer wait times
  • More satisfied customers

As described in our address software demonstrations, Experian Data Quality software functionality prompts users for information and allows them to select valid addresses from picklists. We call this 'typedown' functionality.

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