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Millennium is an easy-to-use, Web-based fundraising management program, designed and built by Sage software.

Utilizing the advanced data entry, reporting and security features of the Millennium system makes managing the many aspects of a modern fundraising campaign easier.

Fundraising continues to be an ever-expanding source of income for churches, non-profits, educational establishments and many other organizations throughout North America.

Many organizations rely heavily on direct mail and newsletters to garner support and gifts from donors and alumni. It is therefore essential for fundraisers to ensure maximal data quality to avoid losing touch with valuable contacts. This is where address verification software from Experian Data Quality can help.

Address verification products enable nonprofits to:

  • Keep track of donors through address changes
  • Avoid wasting mailing charges
  • Ensure quick delivery of fundraising campaigns

Experian Data Quality address data quality products are compatible with Millennium software.

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