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ZIP Code™ validation


ZIP Code™ validation is the process of checking any postal address to ensure that the given ZIP Code™ meets all the below criteria:

  • Matches a valid ZIP Code™ in the USPS® postal data file
  • Refers accurately to the correct location
  • Is in the correct format and includes the ZIP + 4®

Many companies use ZIP Code™ validation to optimize the success of their mail and package delivery rates. Lack of accurate address validation software can result in high address correction charges, failed deliveries and unhappy customers!

An example of an inaccurate ZIP Code™:

18 School Street 
Charlestown, MA 02128

This address is missing the extra four digits of the ZIP + 4® that specify the exact delivery location. It also is referring to Boston, MA rather than Charlestown, MA. Without validating the ZIP code™, this simple typo would have gone unchecked, potentially resulting in wrongly addressed mail.

After ZIP Code™ validation:

18 School St 
Charlestown MA 02129-3011

Having the correct ZIP + 4™ can eliminate address correction charges and help companies qualify for special mailing rates. However, not having ZIP Codes™ validated can lead to delayed mail and unsatisfied customers.

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