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Address verification

What is address verification?

Address verification ensures that the address data you collect is accurate, up to date, and standardized. Solutions that offer address verification should not only correct spelling, ensure proper address formatting, and append missing ZIP+4® information, but should also work in real time, or be performed as a batch process.

By verifying address information everywhere you collect data—on your website, your CMS, in call centers, or existing addresses in your database—you ensure the data you have is clean and complete for use. That, in turn, will improve customer service and brand satisfaction, enable better data-driven decisions, and help you reduce unnecessary costs.

We can help your business capture clean and standardized address data in real time or in batch

Ensure that your address data is accurate and actionable

Why is address verification important?

Having confidence in your data is important for all business plans and initiatives. Ninety-seven percent of organizations today use data to power businesses opportunities, and just as many see it as an essential resource to better service their customers and increase revenue. Address verification allows you to reduce costs, put a stop to wasted outbound mailings, and prevent inaccurate marketing activity to boost customer satisfaction.

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