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Data hygiene services

Experian Data Quality offers a variety of data hygiene services that allow your organization to perform one-time cleanses on a variety of contact data elements. By using market-leading data quality software coupled with USPS®, Canada Post, and international postal data, Experian Data Quality is able to offer exceptional address hygiene services and consulting.

Our Bureau and Professional services consist of the following data hygiene services:

Address hygiene

  • Batch cleanse - Address hygiene software processes address data against the USPS® database and return an output file with corresponding cleansed data and standardized address elements.
  • NCOA® processing - Process address data against the USPS® database and the 48-month USPS® NCOALink® service database, which will return the move type and date of move for each record.
  • Dataplus appends - Process input postal address data and append data elements such as address type indicator (ATI), latitude and longitude coordinates, Postnet barcode, etc.

Duplication identification

  • Process input data against the USPS® database and perform deduplication on the standardized addresses. Deduplication data hygiene processing can occur on an individual or household level, depending on the deduplication criteria selected (such as name, address, email, and phone).

Email hygiene and append

  • Process input email address data and return output file with match codes and "good emails." The email address hygiene service will identify invalid email addresses (syntax and domain, mailbox, and known spam traps) and provide corrections.
  • Process input name and address data against an internal database and return output file with email addresses appended. Once email addresses are matched, a permission request will be sent out to allow recipients to opt out from any further communications (25 percent match rate is the average result).

Email deliverability audit

  • A comprehensive review of your email marketing program and practices by a team of seasoned compliance and deliverability experts with the goal of enabling increased inbox delivery and revenue potential.
  • Experian Data Quality will provide an analysis of your deliverability health and a review of long- and short-term deliverability recommendations. This ensures marketers are using best practices to allow more messages to reach subscribers.

Phone hygiene and append

  • Six digit validation - Process input phone data and return output file with match codes. The data hygiene service will check the area code and exchange to confirm it is a valid, working number.
  • Ten digit validation - In addition to the six digit validation, ten digit phone validation will verify that the number belongs to a specific person.
  • The phone hygiene software processes input name and address data against an internal database and returns an output file with a phone number appended (50 percent match rate on average).
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