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Contact data hygiene services

Make your data work for you, not against you.

Why does a consolidated customer view matter?

of businesses believe that a single customer view would lead to cost savings.

Only 15% of businesses claim to have an effective SCV in place.

of organizations will eventually attempt a single customer view. 

* Source: 2017 Global Research Report

Data is a critical business resource.

Failing to properly manage your data can be detrimental to business success and effective data management starts with clean data. Data hygiene is the combination of cleaning existing data and instituting measures to regularly cleanse and reduce the amount of bad data that is collected. Hygiene efforts may also include appending data, refreshing the information you have, and de-duplicating contact records. 

Here’s how we help improve data hygiene
  • Address, email, and phone validation solutions.
  • Data monitoring and profiling solutions.
  • Real-time verification, batch file upload processing, professional consulting, data appends, and other services.
  • Duplicate record identification and elimination.

Achieve healthy data across your database.

of US organizations have a data quality strategy to increase business efficiency.

  • Increase revenue and reduce costs.
  • Better serve customers and improve satisfaction.
  • Protect your organization’s brand and reputation.

Don’t let data quality be an afterthought.

Pinpoint and solve contact data quality issues before they harm your business

Identify and remove duplicate records from your database

 Improve employee productivity and efficiency

Ensure communications reach your customers and prospects

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Be certain you are only working with accurate data, and that you have an effective way to manage the information.

Making strategic decisions based off of your data is an essential component of being a data-driven organization. These decisions need to be based on data you trust. With our verification solutions, you can be sure only accurate, up to date information is entered into your database. This will help you be certain that you are working with the best possible information, every time. 

Once you have accurate and complete data in your database, you need to be able to effectively manage it. A complete data management strategy can be achieved through data profiling, relationship discovery between siloed information, and creating business specific data definitions. With an effective data management strategy, you can maximize every business opportunity. 


Learn more about how you can effectively use data to drive business decisions.

We can ensure your data is accurate and complete, enabling you to have more personalized conversations with your customers. By improving your understanding of your data, you can provide a unique customer experience, delivering above and beyond their expectations.