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National Change of Address (NCOA) processing

NCOALink processing

Our NCOALink® processing service validates each name and address in your address list, ensuring that you’re working with the correct address for each customer.

How does it work?

NCOA®processing validates each name and address in your data file, employing USPS® address correction that verifies the correct address for each customer.

Once addresses are corrected, each of your customer records are matched against the NCOALink® database. This NCOALink database contains change-of-address (COA) data gathered from the USPS® on individuals, families, and businesses that have moved ®.

As soon as a match is made with the the NCOALink database, we’ll update your address file with the most current name and address.


Why Choose Experian Data Quality’s NCOALink  Processing service:

  • Increases deliverability by up to 400%
  • Conducts searches against 160 million records
  • Matches each name and address against the NCOALink® database
  • Meets NCOA® database requirements to qualify for Standard- and First-Class Mail discounts

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Before Experian cleansing, we did not have the ability to standardize every address that came through from our website platform. Today we are able to not only standardize and get NCOA information, we have an idea of who is deliverable or not.  This has helped decrease our costs in mailing gold cards for our MSR members.

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