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NCOALINK® processing from Experian Data Quality uses the USPS® Change of Address (COA®) database to update addresses of individuals who have moved in the last 48 months. 

One of the biggest reasons for returned mail is changed addresses. When your customers move and do not notify you, the packages and notices you send will often be returned, leading to increased mailing costs and duplication of work on your end. With access to the US Postal Service change-of-address database, however, you can keep up with your customers' new residences and places of business, sending mail to the right place the first time.

The National Change of Address (NCOALink®) database is a data file containing more than 160 million change-of-address records that have been submitted to the USPS® via a change-of-address form (COA®) for processing during the past 48 months. Experian Data Quality offers NCOA database processing that takes advantage of the latest address information on file for all of your clients.

NCOA® processing from Experian Data Quality validates each name and address in your data file, employing USPS address correction that verifies the correct address for each customer. Once address information is validated, each name and address is matched against the NCOALink® database. This NCOALink® database contains change-of-address data gathered from the USPS® on individuals, families, and businesses that are moving. If a match is made against the NCOALink® file, we will update the information with the current address. Our NCOA processing is the simplest way to get the most out of the US Postal Service change-of-address database.

NCOA® processing from Experian Data Quality:

  • Leverages the past 48 months of change-of-address records
  • Meets NCOA database update requirements to qualify for Standard and First-Class Mail discounts
  • Increases the number of deliverable mailing addresses in your file
  • Performs an effortless, automatic NCOA update for each address

The results from mail tests show that mail deliverability increases by 400% when using the NCOALink®processing through our NCOA service as compared to address cleaning alone.


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