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Never lose touch: NCOA processing

Every year, over 40 million people move and file to change their address with the United States Postal service. That’s a lot of people with new addresses. Our NCOA process® validates each name and address in your address list, ensuring that you’re working with the right information for each customer. 

Can I trust my database?

NCOA processing® validates each name and address in your data file, using USPS® address correction that verifies the correct address for each customer.

Once addresses are corrected, each of your customer records are matched against our NCOALink® database. Our NCOALink® database contains change-of-address data gathered from the USPS® on individuals, families, and businesses that have moved recently.

As soon as a match is made with the NCOALink® database, we’ll update your address file with the most current name and address. We help our customers, cleanse, standardize, and verify every address that comes into their database.

Improve mail deliverability

Match names and addresses against the NCOALink® database to make sure you’re sending to the right addresses and to the right people.

Save money and time

Stop wasting money on undelivered mail and materials and increase deliverability by up to 400%.

Automatically update

Every time a match is made using our NCOALink® database, the customer information will be automatically updated in your database.

Up-to-date data never goes out of style. Let us help you get your database into tip-top shape. 

Did you know

of organizations believe that data quality issues impact customer trust and perception.

  • With a competitive marketplace, organizations need to ensure inaccurate data doesn’t affect their ability to offer an excellent customer experience.
  • A lack of data quality management can lead to less transparency.
  • Inaccurate data can negatively affect relationships with customers.

Your customer database is built overtime, and it serves as an important asset for your business. But human errors can compromise the reliability of your database. Our address validation solution will verify that the addresses in your database are accurate by correcting any spelling mistakes or formatting issues. 

Quality contact data should never be an afterthought. Data is important for any organization to make strategic decisions. Don’t run the risk of basing business decisions on bad data. Our contact data quality solutions ensure that information contained within your databases is verified, enhanced, and enriched. 

Full feature set

When shipping to businesses in bulk, you can qualify for discounts. Sometimes it can be tough, however, to determine whether an address in your database is residential or a business. Did you know address verification can help with that? Learn how our address verification solutions can help save you money. 

Before Experian cleansing, we did not have the ability to standardize every address that came through from our website platform. Today we are able to not only standardize and get NCOA information, we have an idea of who is deliverable or not.  This has helped decrease our costs in mailing gold cards for our MSR members.

IT Systems Analyst - Global 500 Hospitality Company

Keep your customer address data up to date and accurate. Maintain quality data with fast NCOA processing on our data quality management platform.


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We give our customers, the ability to cleanse and standardize every name and address that comes into their database. Let our NCOALink® processing service reduce costs, increase direct mail and shipment deliverability, and improve your bottom line.