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Experian Data Quality Tools FAQ

Below are responses to the most common inquiries that we receive regarding Experian Data Quality data quality tools and services. Please click on a question below to find the answer or simply browse through our list to find general, technical, pricing and licensing questions, as well as questions about working with Experian Data Quality.




Working with Experian Data Quality

Below you will find answers to the questions listed above, which include helpful links to various sections of our website.


    • How can I verify the address of one individual only?

Experian Data Quality specializes in address verification for businesses and other professional organizations. Our software is intended for use on large volumes of data, either at the point of data entry or for batch processes. While we can provide verification that an address exists and our name verification product can also identify residents at that address, our address verification software is not intended for personal use.

If you have a single address that needs verification, you can still try our free address lookup tool.

    • Does Experian Data Quality sell data lists?

Experian Data Quality does not sell data lists. We are not an address database vendor and our data comes from the United States Postal Service.

Additionally, Experian Data Quality is not a list provider nor will we sell or distribute your personal information to any third party. Any information that you provide to Experian Data Quality will be used for business purposes only.

    • What is the difference between Experian and Experian Data Quality?

Experian Data Quality is a provider of premium data quality solutions and specializes in address and contact information verification, validation, cleansing and standardization. Our product suite offers industry leading solutions for addresses, email, names, and phone numbers. For more information, please visit our products page.

Experian Data Quality was acquired by Experian in 2004. Experian is a leading provider of global information services, focusing on credit services, decision analytics, and marketing services for organizations worldwide. Additionally, Experian offers individual credit reports and credit scores. For more information, visit

    • Is there a minimum database size for Experian Data Quality products?

There is no minimum database size for Experian Data Quality software as our products are customizable and we will work to find the best solution for your organization. Our software, however, is intended for professional organizations rather than for personal use.

Regardless of the size of your database, Experian Data Quality offers both software for recurring cleanings and one time batch cleaning options.

    • Does Experian Data Quality offer international address data sets?

Experian Data Quality offers international address data for 219 countries. We offer 18 primary data sources with street address data licensed from national postal authorities, in addition to our trusted partner data sources. Our street address data sets include countries from Central & South America, Western & Eastern Europe, Africa, East & West Asia, and the Middle East. For a complete list of countries, visit our international address page.

    • What is the difference between a "front-end" and "back-end" solution?

A "front-end" solution verifies addresses and contact information at the point of entry, before they enter a company's database. Front-end solutions can be used in call centers, at point of sale, and anywhere that address information is being taken in. These solutions provide users with a standardized and correct address database, while simultaneously reducing the amount of keystrokes for address entry.

A "back-end" solution, also known as a batch solution, verifies and cleans existing addresses in a company's database. This type of solution allows the cleansing of multiple addresses at a time, with the added ability to standardize and append existing entries. A back-end solution greatly reduces manual data cleansing efforts and results in easier database analysis through its standardization process.

    • What does NCOA mean?

NCOA stands for National Change of Address data that comes from the USPS. Experian Data Quality offers an NCOALink® service which matches names and addresses in an existing database to the NCOALink® file. If a match is found within the file, Experian Data Quality will update the entry with the current address. For more information, visit our NCOALink® address page.

    • What does USPS stand for?

USPS stands for the United States Postal Service. QAS software verifies addresses against the latest USPS data file to standardize your database and verify the accuracy of addresses. Our USPS data is updated on a bi-monthly basis in order to provide you with the most up to date address information.

Using USPS data files, our software both verifies and corrects addresses to ensure deliverability. By correcting addresses to abide by USPS standards, Experian Data Quality software can prevent invalid addresses from entering your database, as well as standardize an existing database.

    • What level of email verification does Experian Data Quality software provide?

QAS Email provides typographical error detection, can match email addresses to known dead domain names, and is able to detect malicious emails within a database. In addition, QAS Email features customizable settings and users can choose to check domain names, username validity, and syntax. For more information, visit our email verification page.

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    • How do I know if Experian Data Quality software is compatible with my operating system?

Experian Data Quality software is customizable and compatible with virtually all hardware and operating systems. Our products are compatible with Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms. For additional operating systems or compatibility issues, our professional services team can assist with installation.

For specific product compatibility information, please visit our support site where you can find individual support documents for each of our products.

    • How do I install Experian Data Quality software?

Experian Data Quality products are designed for easy installation and use. Installation processes and speed depend on the product. Our software can be installed as a standalone, on a network drive, or on a server. Your Experian Data Quality software can be installed by disk, which will include both the product and data sets. You will be prompted to follow an installation wizard to complete your full install. Experian Data Quality software can also be downloaded and installed through our FTP site.

Additionally, a member of our sales team can install an evaluation copy of our software on your machine to try out Experian Data Quality software for a limited amount of time.

    • Does Experian Data Quality offer multiple integration options?

Experian Data Quality software can be integrated with almost any software and we offer several integration options to fit with your company's needs and requirements. Standalone, our simplest installation mode, can be used for all Experian Data Quality products*. We also offer a Client/Service mode for some of our products for larger customers where the data file is located on a server and can be accessed by individual computers. Finally, we can integrate Experian Data Quality software into your existing CRM or Web Application with our API mode.

*QAS Pro Web is only available as API.

    • How often do data sets expire?

Each Experian Data Quality data set has a different expiration date depending on the data source partner. Our US data expires on a bi-monthly basis. For specific expiration and shipping dates, please refer to our data update schedule.

    • How do I update my Experian Data Quality data?

Experian Data Quality data sets can be updated through electronic data updates, via disks delivered by mail, or by download from our FTP site. Electronic data updates, our most popular method for delivering data, will update your address data automatically every two months. Disk updates and downloads from the FTP site will guide you through data updates with an installation wizard.

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    • How are Experian Data Quality products licensed?

Experian Data Quality products are licensed in various ways, depending on the product and the intended use of the software. Licensing information for each product can be found below:

QAS Pro: Licensed per user/per workstation
This means that Pro must be licensed per each terminal/workstation where Experian Data Quality data can be accessed. For example, if you have five computers and all five people need access to Pro, you would need five licenses. If you have one computer where two people access it as different times, you could use one license of Pro. Note that some data providers have different user-based licensing requirements. Please speak with your Experian Data Quality Account Manager to confirm the relevant model for your needs.

QAS Clean: Licensed per installation for our standalone products
These products can be installed on one workstation. These can also be licensed as a small/medium business license for up to 3 different installations, a single server license for one installation on a server with 4 people or less having access, or an enterprise license for more than 4 people having access to the products.

QAS Pro Web: Licensed per processor or per seat
If licensed per processor, this will be used on an external facing site and is licensed in pairs based on the amount of processors hosting your website. If licensed per seat, this will be used internally by individual users, based on the amount of terminals/workstations where data can be accessed mirroring the licensing model of our Pro products.

QAS Email and QAS Phone: Licensed per click
This means that any time an address is submitted and matched, a click will be deducted.

QAS Pro and QAS Clean can also be licensed as an API if you have access to your source code and can code the implementation.

    • What is the Experian Data Quality renewal process?

The Experian Data Quality renewal process is a proactive approach to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your Experian Data Quality products. This process will make certain that product maintenance, updates, and service continue on track with your license dates and that you do not experience any service interruption in using Experian Data Quality products. We will send a renewal form outlining the products and data sets due for renewal 90 days before your licenses expire. We require our clients to sign off and return the renewal paperwork 30 days before the licenses expire. Once we receive the renewal paperwork, we renew the account in our system and will send you an invoice the month after your renewal paperwork is due.

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Working with Experian Data Quality

    • After I have purchased Experian Data Quality products, will I have an assigned contact person?

Each Experian Data Quality customer has a designated customer account manager from our Client Services Team. This person will assist with project implementation, training, and will act as your main point of contact for any questions or concerns throughout the year. Your Customer Success Manager will also help to facilitate the yearly maintenance and renewal process. In addition, you can always contact Experian Data Quality technical support team or your account manager with questions.

At Experian Data Quality, your account manager will handle any requests for new products, data sets, and upgrades. They will provide pricing information and will help you determine which solutions will best suit your business needs.

    • How can I contact someone from Experian Data Quality with my questions?

You can call or email anyone directly at Experian Data Quality. Each Experian Data Quality employee has a direct line, and you will be given the contact information of your customer account manager shortly after your purchase. You can reach the main line toll free at . We also offer a request for information form on our website or you can email your questions to

For technical questions, you can contact technical support directly at 888-712-3332 or at

    • Does Experian Data Quality offer professional services to assist with implementation of products?

Experian Data Quality does have a professional services department to assist with the implementation of products. Professional services can be purchased on a daily rate. There are a range of products and services offered via our Professional Services team including the implementation of our API products, one-off data appends and data cleansing, as well as email and phone validation.

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