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Accurate customer data capture is an important part of the modern challenges that face the telecommunications industry. Increased competition and new technologies have made it easier than ever for customers to switch providers, leading telecoms to focus on accurate customer information for ongoing communications. Enhancing the customer data capture process means that telecom companies can streamline billing and call center operations while also shortening call times.

Whether customer contact information is captured in a call center, online or by mail, Experian Data Quality can ensure accurate data by:

  • Identifying duplicate records
  • Preventing typos
  • Adding missing address elements
  • Updating outdated information


Experian Data Quality software facilitates accurate data capture and cleansing by verifying addresses at point of entry and standardizing address output. Automated and interactive data correction can also be employed to maintain accurate data over time.

Address verification Address verification tools quickly and accurately return a complete address from minimal information, saving time and reducing errors.

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