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What Is Email Verification?

Email verification looks at an email address to determine if it’s valid.

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What is an Email Verification Service?

An email verification service is pretty much what it sounds like: It verifies emails so you don’t have to. Experian Data Quality makes it easy to get a clean email list without spending tons of time verifying each email yourself, so you can focus on designing an email marketing strategy that works for your customers.

Need to validate a single email? Try verifying emails in real-time using our tool—without leaving your browser or downloading anything.

How Does Email Verification Work?

Email verification involves several steps to make sure you’re sending emails to real addresses — and real people. The process generally works like this:

  1. The system runs a first check through your email list. This pre-check looks for missing punctuation or extra spaces — you can compare it to running spell check on your computer. We’ll catch that typo you missed after adding hundreds of emails to your list after an event.
  2. We’ll check for spam traps, which are email addresses designed to catch email marketers who are sending emails without permission. They’ve got good intentions, but spam trap emails can wind up on public lists. We filter spam traps from your list so you aren’t labeled an untrustworthy sender.
  3. We check the domains of your email list to make sure they’re real and that the email server is accepting mail. You can rest easy knowing that a personalized domain name has a mail server ready to receive your messages.

Like the domain check, we need to make sure individual emails are able to accept mail. We go through each address on your list and ping them with a message. Email list cleaning tidies up your list and makes sure it’s ready to get to work for you.

Four Benefits of Validating Your Email List

Verifying your email list does more than help you send emails to real addresses. It also gives you a chance to improve the performance of your email marketing with minimal effort.

A clean email list brings you these four benefits:

  1. Accurate analytic data: A validated list gives you reliable data that you can use to improve list performance. You’ll know your open and click rates are accurate and not deflated due to invalid emails. This lets you run A/B tests that accurately show the reactions of your customers. More accurate data is more useful data.
  2. Increased open rates: Are people just not opening your emails? There’s a good chance it’s not your content. You probably have invalid emails in your list that are holding you back. Verifying emails increases the chance your email is going to a person who wants to see your content.
  3. Improved email marketing ROI: A clean email list puts you in the inbox of the customers you want. The money you spend on email marketing goes to work immediately, and your emails reach real people who are ready to become long-term customers.
  4. Better sender reputation: A good reputation with the public usually means you’ll have better word-of-mouth marketing. You’ll see more customers and can continue to grow your brand. Your email reputation works the same way; internet providers reward your business with a higher sender reputation when your emails go to real email addresses. A higher score means your emails stay out of spam boxes and get in front of your customers.

Are you ready to learn more? Read all about how our email verification services can help you get better results from your email marketing.


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