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Experian Data Quality is positioned in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools Report.

The report evaluates an organization’s complete suite of data quality products, strong vision, and ability to execute.

Data quality tools

For us, it’s about making your data work for you. How do we do it? By making your data fit for purpose.

Data cleansing

Data cleansing

Accurate data means you can connect more effectively with your customers. Our real-time data quality solutions help you capture correct customer information as it comes in, and our batch solutions help keep your data up to date. The two can be combined for a holistic approach to address, email, and phone validation.

Data profiling

Data profiling

Knowing what’s in your data is worth more than the data itself. It’s the first step toward leveraging your information as a strategic business asset. Our data profiling solution allows you to explore all of your data not just a sample, discover relationships, and build dependencies. Analyzing your data has never been easier.

Data profiling – Examine your data and metadata to quickly assess if the information is accurate and fit for purpose.

Data matching

Data matching

With an accurate single customer view, you can make every interaction count. Our matching solution helps you discover links within your customer data. This means you can identify duplicates, suppress records you can’t use, and get a deeper understanding of your customers.

Data matching - Improve operational efficiency and reduce time spent manually de-duping contacts. Increase database integrity by ensuring the accuracy of your data. 

Data standardization

Data standardization

Your data should be meaningful to you and everyone in your organization. By prototyping data quality rules, you can restructure and standardize your data without impacting business as usual. Our data standardization solution makes it easy.

Data standardization – Enhanced, next-generation performance works in seconds as opposed to days to improve and standardize data. This powerful data quality tool maximizes resources, eliminates wasteful spend, and reduces costs.

Data enrichment

Data enrichment

It’s not about how much data you have, but what you’re able to do with it. Gain deeper insight into your data by appending related attributes. With a greater understanding of your customers, you’ll see improved analysis, profiling, and segmentation.

Data enrichment - Understand and accurately target your customer segments to provide custom offers, personalized messaging, and tailored experiences. 

Data monitoring

Data monitoring

We make sure that the data coming into your systems conforms to your business requirements. How do we do it? By proactively monitoring the quality of your data and sending customized alerts if quality drops below a set threshold. How’s that for peace of mind?

Data monitoring - Get a more complete understanding of your organization’s data assets and enable better decision-making.

At Experian Data Quality, we provide comprehensive data management solutions that help our clients maintain the accuracy of their customer records, reduce errors, and avoid additional costs associated with bad data. See how we can help you.

  • Connect your data across disparate channels and systems to eliminate duplicate entries and achieve a Golden RecordVerify landline and mobile phone numbers to improve your telemarketing campaigns and to comply with federal regulations
  • Improve email marketing performance and protect your sender reputation
  • Increase the efficacy of targeted marketing campaigns with a better understanding of your customers’ demographic, behavioral, and lifestyle attributes

Are you ready to take the next step to data quality maturity? We’ll help you cleanse, standardize, and enhance your data to make sure you get the most out of your information.

Learn more about how Experian Data Quality can be your data quality strategic partner.


Big Data for Small Business

It’s time to get in touch with the customer base that will drive your small business’s success. Cleanse your contact lists with our online data validation tools. Our self-service solutions for address and email verification are simple: upload your raw data file and get a clean contact list. Then you can expand your marketing reach, improve customer loyalty, and eliminate wasted resources. Get clean data. Reach your customers. Grow your business.

Learn more about our self-service platform


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