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Yearly Archives: 2018

Improving the customer experience at the 2018 Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition

This past week I had the pleasure of representing Experian along with three of my colleagues in Chicago at IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition). The show ran the full gamut of the world of online retail with Ecommerce industry leaders representing many large online retailers as well as small retailers looking to embrace the next step. 

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Best practices in data governance

Data governance refers to the set of processes to ensure data meets precise standards and business rules as it is entered into a system. Data governance enables businesses to exert control over the management of data assets. This encompasses the people, process, and technology that is required to make data fit for its intended purpose.

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Critical steps for improving your data quality

It’s no secret that the quality of your data matters. Your organization’s data is not some mysterious entity that exists only in the realm of technology and analytics, but is in fact a competitive differentiator increasingly used to influence broader business decisions around things like operations and marketing.

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Improving outcomes at the National Health and Human Services Summit

This past week, I attended the National Health and Human Services Summit in Arlington, VA. Over the past three years, I have met and worked with many state Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies across the United States. Through my work with these agencies, I have encountered a common goal is “improving outcomes.” What this means is ensuring constituents are served in the best possible way, and the focus of this conference was no different. 

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Focusing on data management and data governance at Enterprise Data World 2018

Last week, I, along with two other members of the Experian team, took our talents to sunny San Diego to soak up some knowledge and spread some insight at the Enterprise Data World (EDW) conference. The conference was packed with some of the best and brightest representatives from organizations across the U.S. and around the globe. 

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Share your success: Garrett Kelleher

Welcome to Share your success, a monthly series of interviews featuring successful people within the Experian family. I wanted to take a closer look at those who are thriving in our company to keep a pulse on everything happening in the data quality space from the people who know best: the professionals who live and breathe all things data management day in and day out. I recently sat down with VP of Finance and Operations, Garrett Kelleher, to understand how he got to where he is today.

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The increased focus on customer experience at Utility Analytics Summit 2018

Last week I attend the Utility Analytics Summit in Irvine, CA, which was sponsored by Southern California Edison. I’ve been to a lot of data conferences in my day, (let’s just say this was not my first rodeo) however, it was my first foray into the world of utilities. What I noticed right away was that data-related challenges run rampant regardless of the industry. The analysts, data scientists, and engineers that I met at the summit were all struggling with similar issues that organizations in finance and government have been challenged with for years.

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Discovering where your data is coming from

Data lineage charts the full life cycle of data: the path from its creation through consumption, and everything that happens along the way. For organizations interested in achieving strong data management programs, data lineage is a key component. It provides a more granular view of your data, allowing you to gain insights from the ways in which data is manipulated and transformed from collection to application.

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Who owns the data? I’ll give you a hint: It’s changing

Erin Haselkorn

As part of the data revolution, organizations are trying to better manage and manipulate their information. They need to build a trusted data resource that they can use to generate revenue, gain a competitive advantage, and better serve their customer base.

But who is responsible for managing and manipulating that data? Who should champion that resource within the business to make sure it is used properly?

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Experian honored for support of Junior Achievement New England

Experian had the privilege of being recognized as the corporate honoree at the Spirit of JA Celebration last night. The Spirit of JA is the annual celebration, auction, and awards ceremony for Junior Achievement of Northern New England. Junior Achievement (JA) is a non-profit organization that has 120 chapters in the United States and runs youth programs worldwide. Its mission is “to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy. Using hands-on experiences, JA helps to prepare young people for the real world by teaching skills in financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship.” The local chapter, which was started in 1945, serves the young people of Northern New England by partnering with businesses in the community and training individual volunteers to provide hands-on lessons to students in grades K-12.

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