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Yearly Archives: 2018

Clean your data to improve customer experience

If you ask senior leaders of your company if they consider data to be an asset, chances are that they’re going to say yes. If you ask them how confident they are in the accuracy of that data however, the answers quickly start to vary. 

It’s not uncommon for challenges that are considered “just the way it is” to be truly simple fixes if you attack them from a data quality standpoint. Doing a cleanse of your customer database can make a world of difference for your customer communications, customer experience, and cost control. 

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Digital disruption changes rules for lenders

For years, financial services organizations have competed for consumers’ business. This competition has historically been based on the size of these organizations’ branch networks and the convenience of their branch locations. With the preference many consumers had for interacting face-to-face with tellers, ease of access to financial accounts, financial services, and personal advice depended on proximity to a branch office. 

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DMVs, data, and the digital age: Takeaways from AAMVA's 2018 Workshop and Law Institute

It’s no secret that we live in a digital era. Government agencies are taking significant steps to embrace digital transformation. As citizens come to expect the same kind of ease and convenience in their dealings with public sector agencies as they experience with their favorite retail brands, agencies are looking to digitize more services. Applying for or renewing important documents like driver’s licenses and license plates are now services available online. With a highway full of self-driving vehicles being more of a near-distant vision than a far off possibility, the pace of digital transformation will continue to accelerate to keep up with technological advancements.

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Share your success: Kendra Keegan

Welcome to Share your success, a bimonthly series of interviews featuring successful people within the Experian family. I wanted to take a closer look at those who are thriving in our company to keep a pulse on everything happening in the data quality space from the people who know best: the professionals who live and breathe all things data management day in and day out. I recently sat down with Regional Sales Manager, Kendra Keegan, to get to know her better and learn about the path that led her to where she is today.

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5 takeaways from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018

Sean R. Coombs

The presenter walks on stage in a dimly lit arena, stands beneath a bright, purple-hued spotlight, and delivers opening remarks using words like “artificial intelligence” and “predictive analytics.” Suddenly, the ears of more than 3,500 data professionals stand at attention, and the audience has a collective thought: “This is how we’re finally going to use our data to do something innovative.” Because that’s what the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018 is all about: coming together to share experiences with our data programs, to tell stories of failure and of success, and to learn best practices from other experts in our field. In this post, I wanted to share my key takeaways with you, so you too can benefit from this collective experience.

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Experian's Boston office celebrates International Women's Day

Today, March 8th, 2018 marks International Women’s Day. This day is recognized worldwide to celebrate women’s achievements, as well as bring awareness to gender equality rights. International Women’s Day has been part of tradition in many countries, but only seems to have made waves in the United States in recent years. 

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Discussing data management at 2018 OUUG

New Orleans was the site of this year’s Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Users Group (OUUG) Conference. The shift from Scottsdale, Arizona and the interest around the selected topics generated the largest attendance in the conference’s history! The tracks for focus were around Customer Billing, Meter Data Management, and Workforce Asset Management. This was our first year sponsoring the event, and we were pleased to be met with genuine interest, as well as a strong following for Experian swag!

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Data quality and data governance: You can't have one without the other

Think of classic combinations: peanut butter and jelly, summer and beach days, mornings and coffee. Though the components that comprise these pairings do just fine on their own, they are somewhat incomplete without the other. That’s how you should think of data governance and data quality. 

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The importance of data quality to open data

As many states continue to undergo customer relationship management (CRM) system modernizations, one key driver is open data. Open data is the process of granting information access to the public, which includes converting data to a format easily consumable by citizens. What data are we talking about? Maybe your citizens are interested in Census data, the location of available retail parcel space, or the trending price of produce. The topics vary widely and states need to figure out how to support all of it in a scalable and organized way. If residents can access that data online in an easy-to-consume fashion, that’s one less person calling into the agency or adding to the in-person queue at your office. As the trend sweeps across the public sector, more and more agencies are trying to figure out how to grant access to open data.

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The state of data management in the public sector in 2018

Data has quickly become one of the most valuable resources for agencies across the United States public sector. In fact, 87 percent of agencies consider it one of their greatest strategic assets. This year, Experian conducted our first-ever study focused solely on the public sector to gain insights in the primary drivers behind their data management practices. We surveyed 200 professionals from across the United States who work for the federal government and state and local agencies including health and human services, law enforcement, departments of motor vehicles, labor and unemployment, and tax collection. 

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