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Data Quality continues to evolve as data usage increases

Thomas Schutz | October 26, 2017

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Data management 101

Despite the fact that the importance of data is widely recognized among company executives, there is a gap between this recognition and the number of organizations that are leveraging data to empower business decisions. To close this gap, organizations are investing in data management practices to establish trust and control of their data.

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How data standardization delivers ROI

We've used this analogy many times here at Experian Data Quality, but that's only because it makes a lot of sense when referencing data standardization. What analogy am I talking about? The one where we discuss how a robust data management strategy relies on a methodical, step-by-step approach—much like how you'd approach building a house.

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The top 5 most common data quality issues

Kevin W. McCarthy Data quality

Data quality can be boring. Yes, I said it. And this comes from someone who has worked in the data quality space for more than 20 years. When I’m at a social gathering, I dread the inevitable “so what do you do?” question. My short answer is usually “boring computer stuff.” Heaven forbid they try to dig deeper! Then it becomes this awkward explanation about reducing the amount of junk mail they get or some pseudo-relatable data activity, and then watching their eyes begin to glaze over. At the end of the day, I use my tried-and-tested conversation changer, “enough about me, what about you?” I double majored in Computer Science and Psychology, and while Computer Science ultimately provided the foundation of my career, I’ve found that the psychology background is often more valuable for dealing with people and sticky situations.

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Building an effective data management strategy for your business

An effective data management strategy is good for your business. As organizations today rely on their data to help drive business initiatives, the quality of that information is growing increasingly important. But you probably already knew that. It turns out that data professionals spend a lot of time talking about data in terms of its accuracy and a lot less time talking about its accessibility and readiness. While the importance of accurate data is undeniable, organizations should understand that having accurate data is only a benefit if you can access that information when it’s needed.

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Gaining greater insight into your organization's data

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that businesses are making their most important decisions off the back of the data available to them. Within the past year, we have conducted some market research about the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and data management trends and the results indicate that organizations are truly considering their data an asset. One of the most prominent responsibilities of the CDO is transforming data into a business growth opportunity. We also have seen more and more data operations and analytics roles popping up in the market to address the issue of getting accurate and complete data back to management in a timely manner. 

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Tailored training for Experian Pandora

Your organization’s gold is its data. 

Client contact data; patient data; customer transaction data; names; address; email addresses, cellphone numbers; business telephone numbers; and home phone numbers are the bullion in your gold repository. Your processes and analytical models are fine-tuned to look at your gold precisely, in a consistent and rigid fashion. 

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Experian Data Quality introduces a new Customer Success Team

In the Spring of 2017, Experian Data Quality launched our first Customer Success team under the leadership of Mary Conway. With five members already, the team is off to a strong start. Accounts have begun to be distributed to the Customer Success Managers (CSM) based on varied criteria, CSMs have met with the Account Managers aligned with the accounts, and a survey has gone out to our customers to gauge the current health of our customer relationships. 

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The business benefits of email validation

Jasmine Cosgrove

Experian Data Quality is excited to announce a partnership with the email delivery service: SparkPost. SparkPost sends over 3 trillion messages annually, which constitutes over 25% of the world’s non-spam email messages. The SparkPost email API provides industry-leading performance, deliverability, flexibility, and analytics that are needed to drive customer engagement for their organization. The business-critical need for data quality, specifically email verification, is evident to SparkPost and after careful review, they have made the commitment to partner with Experian Data Quality. 

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Discussing proactive data management at AAMVA International

Andrew Marr

The sun and the moon weren’t the only things aligning in San Francisco this past week at AAMVA’s International Conference. Jurisdictional leaders from motor vehicle and public safety agencies came together to share ideas, discuss challenges, and learn best practices from their colleagues. 

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Taking the pain out of credit reporting

Let’s face it, depending on your institution’s resources and how you go about it, credit reporting can be a huge pain! Whether you provide consumer data to one or several Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs), whether or not you use a third party to submit data, and whether you test data proactively or reactively, (or not at all) dealing with bureau rejects, data monitoring, and disputes can require significant time and resources.

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