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Shirley Zhao

Shirley Zhao is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Experian Data Quality. She spends her time researching and identifying ways to expand the company's digital reach. Shirley enjoys reading, Netflixing, and practicing Muay Thai in her free time.

Top 10 stats from our Q3 email research study

Trends in the marketing industry move fast, so marketers need to move faster. Every year we conduct multiple research studies in the various industries that our products and services impact. For our latest study, we focused on the proliferation of email—how people deal with balancing data collection and data quality, how the presence of poorly-formed emails impact deliverability, and the different ways large and small companies track the success of their marketing initiatives.

Over 200 respondents in the U.S. took part in our latest research study. Participants came from a variety of company sizes, from small to enterprise. Industries involved in the sample include retail, manufacturing, automotive, financial services, utilities and more. Participants were allowed to select multiple answers that pertained to their business, and as such, the percentages in this report will not necessarily add up to 100 percent. 

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The 3 main obstacles to loyalty programs

Retail and ecommerce

What is customer loyalty driven by? If you take a look at some of the companies today with the most successful loyalty programs, you would come to the conclusion that success in loyalty programs is the result of accurate data-driven insights.

Retailers focus on loyalty programs. Why? In an era when consumers have more control over their shopping experiences than ever before—with multiple digital channels and a 24/7 at-their-leisure shopping cycle—loyalty programs are an integral part of continuous engagement with, and being relevant to, the customer. They enable you to encourage and motivate your best consumers to keep purchasing your product or service.

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Q&A with email deliverability expert

Recently, Spencer Kollas, Vice President of Global Deliverability at Experian Marketing Services and I hosted a webinar. We discussed ways that marketers can prepare for the upcoming holiday season, and gave useful tips for setting up marketing and eCommerce initiatives for holiday success. If you missed the webinar, check out this blog post that summarizes the presentation.

While we had Spencer with us, we conducted a Q&A session to get his input and insight on email deliverability and optimization best practices.

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eReceipts and text receipts are the new black

Retail and ecommerce

You probably don't think about receipts very often (unless of course, you happen to be shopping at CVS where impressively long receipts are their thing). No one talks about receipts because it’s such a ubiquitous piece of transactional information that we don’t imagine purchases without it. Receipts are typically handed out in paper form at the end of any transaction; however, email and SMS receipts are growing in popularity.

Using these channels can do more than just reduce paper waste. By using emails and text messages to send receipts, your organization can engage, interact and offer your customers additional value through a medium with almost 100 percent open rates. Read this blog post to find out how the smartest businesses are using eReceipts and text receipts to their advantage as well as what they can improve on.

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Improve deliverability with email preference centers

What exactly is an email preference center? They are places for individuals to tell a business how often they want to receive an email and what kind of content they want to receive. Email preference centers are one of the best ways for customers to tell you exactly what they’re interested in—and when done effectively, you get to collect key pieces of contact information as well. Whether they are called “notification settings” or “email settings,” we’ve all interacted with some form of a preference center before.

Not all companies, however, use email preference centers to their fullest extent; that is, not all companies are using them as an additional method for data collection and improving the customer experience. This blog post will tell you how to use preference centers to improve email deliverability, develop a better understanding of consumer interests, and learn what other companies do to help you improve your own preference center.

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Validation, enrichment and other trending topics from LeadsCon New York 2015

From August 24-26, marketers and other business professionals from all over the world flocked to the Hilton in New York City to talk about one thing: performance marketing. LeadsCon has always been focused on helping marketers with lead generation and customer retention. We at Experian Data Quality were thrilled to be a part of the fun and bring our own strengths to the table.

There were many businesses who stopped by our booth bringing up the same concerns:

  1. Can you help us make sure that the information we’re collecting is usable?
  2. Do your verification and enrichment services work in real time?
  3. What kinds of customer attributes can your data enrichment service give us?

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Don't make these 4 mistakes with email lists

It’s a story for the ages. Marketers often speak to their ability to use the almighty email to augment multi-tiered campaigns, engage and re-engage subscribers and boost their well-optimized landing pages.

But what they don’t typically speak about are all the failed attempts it took to get there. When the unmentionables hit the fan, it’s revealed that most marketers don’t have the technology or knowhow they really need. We won’t be your one-stop shop for creating the perfect email campaign, but what we can be is your one-stop shop for making sure your email lists are spick and span for those campaigns.

Today we’ll reveal what mistakes lead to email list data quality problems and what lessons can be learned from them.

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Hook, line and sinker: How to avoid phishing attacks

Not to be confused with fishing, no. Phishing refers to the stealing of personal information like usernames, passwords and credit card details that can lead to identity theft.

Phishing attacks are serious business and they, unfortunately, continue to advance in sophistication. If you fall victim to phishing attacks and unknowingly relinquish sensitive information to a cybercriminal, you can place your financial data at risk.

From a phisherman’s perspective, no account is off limits. Don’t fall victim to their attacks—read on to find out the different types of phishing scams and learn tips to avoid them. 

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Optimize your omnichannel marketing or face extinction

Data quality

If you want to excel at omnichannel marketing, you need to understand what its biggest obstacles are. Don’t misunderstand—the specifics of these obstacles will vary from business to business and will require some digging and analysis. There are, however, three main challenges we believe stand in the way of each would-be successful omnichannel initiative.

  1. Collecting accurate data
  2. Consolidating accurate data
  3. Using accurate data

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5 companies with great email marketing campaigns

We understand that engaging, exciting or reconnecting with your subscribers is arguably one of the most frustrating and challenging jobs a marketer can have. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five companies that did an awesome job with their email marketing campaigns and why they were so awesome.

Here’s what these companies did right:

  • They didn’t sound boring
  • They had catchy subject lines
  • They turned tried-and-true into why-have-I-tried-this
  • They included tantalizing, relevant offers inside

Let’s take a look:

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