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Shirley Zhao

Shirley Zhao is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Experian Data Quality. She spends her time researching and identifying ways to expand the company's digital reach. Shirley enjoys reading, Netflixing, and practicing Muay Thai in her free time.

5 key findings about the multi-screen movement

Retail and ecommerce

Retailers, take note: Another one of life’s constants, aside from the gift of taxes, is that we’re all consumers. The average American spends 45 minutes of each day shopping—whether on laptops, through tablets or using mobile devices.

In the U.S., people spend over seven hours each day looking at screens. We are consumed by a variety of screen-based devices: televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets and more.  This multi-screen, buyer-driven reality creates more chances for today’s retailers and marketers to connect with consumers than ever before. According to our recent Global Research Survey, retailers employ an average of 3.4 channels to connect with and collect data from consumers.

With the quickly changing digital marketing landscape come chances for retailers to innovate their marketing strategies. Here are five key findings about the multi-screen movement every retail marketer should consider to keep ahead of competition.

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Avoid data monsters: 3 ways to prevent CRM problems

Marketing technology

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow you to store all your customer and prospect data—think along the lines of contact data, account information and leads—in one location. That kind of localized, accessible data storage platform enables organizations to gain a simplified view of their customers, and if they use it to its fullest potential, also facilitates internal data organization processes, better customer service and a more personalized experience for your consumers.

But what happens when:

  • Your current data quality strategy doesn’t use data to its fullest potential?
  • The data you store in your CRM is compromised, either by human error or technical limitations?
  • You’re letting the data in your CRM just sit there?

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