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Tayler Hough

Tayler Hough is a Marketing Coordinator at Experian Data Quality. She has an emphasis on utilizing offline events and online efforts to effectively engage with Experian Data Quality's audience. Tayler received her Bachelor's Degree in Communications from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and she continues to find ways to link data, analytics, and communication strategies. 

One Boston Day

 This Friday, April 15th, is One Boston Day.  This is a day designated to, “celebrate the resiliency, generosity, and strength of the people of Boston and those around the world” in response to the events that happened three years ago on April 15th, 2013. When sitting down to write this post about how Experian Data Quality will be involved, it was a struggle to begin.  How does one start to write about such a tragic event that affected the lives of so many?

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Innovation is happening, are you a part of it?

Upon leaving ProductCamp Boston on Saturday afternoon, I was left with one thought. I’m not sure if it was the venue, being at the Microsoft NERD Center, or the energetic volunteers bustling to bring the event to life bright and early on a sunny but cold Saturday morning that did it. Or perhaps it was the speakers, the inspirational stories they told of what and how they were making things happen. And it may have been the conversations that I had with a record number of attendees and businesses, who shared their roles and experiences in the product marketing space. 

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To the Women of the World

This morning, a group of women in our office gathered together for a photo. But, as I looked around the room, I realized that this photo had a lot more to say than simply a picture of us in our kitchen up on the 19th floor. This photo holds women of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and job titles, all of whom work at a technology company. From software engineers to the VP of Global Product Marketing, these women are making careers for themselves in a field where, for women, that isn’t all too common. 

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Data profiling: Dating your data

It’s no coincidence that “data” and “dating” share the same roots. Your relationships with both databases and another human can be looked at in a similar way! Getting to know either in the beginning stages of a relationship can be daunting, and you may feel like you don't know where to begin. However, just as it is with dating, when you know the right questions to ask, and the right ways to better understand your data, the easier it is to move forward, and all of the unknowns turn into a positive and predictable relationship.

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&Then DMA: Reports from the exhibit floor

Retail and ecommerce

When marketers, data gurus and members of the tech industry get together at an industry event, you get a number of things:  interesting market insights, new ideas from the most innovative companies, extensive networking opportunities. But one of the real draws of industry shows? The exhibit hall. It’s where creativity meets sales head on, with combination of cool booths and fun swag.

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