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Database activity monitoring used to observe employee behavior

Paul Newman Archive

Database management can sometimes be challenging. For this reason, among others, executives across the private sector are using advanced, real-time database activity monitoring (DAM) systems to enhance digital security and meet robust compliance regulations, according to a study by InformationWeek.

The report noted that roughly 35 percent of companies are forced to adhere to four or more compliance programs. By using DAM systems, IT executives can ensure that individuals do not jeopardize data quality and follow best practices when accessing mission-critical resources.

InformationWeek said behavioral and compliance monitoring are among the top reasons for implementing an advanced DAM system. Because the tools allow decision-makers to observe and record how employees use sensitive assets, organizations of all sizes can minimize the risk insider threats pose against confidential resources.

Another report by Gartner said the market for database audit and protection is rapidly maturing, largely due to the proliferation of DAM and other advanced data quality tools. As compliance requirements evolve due to the emergence of next-generation computing technologies, executives should consider using DAM systems to stay on pace within their respective industries.