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Email is 'one of the cheapest and most effective' methods of communication

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers have been reminded that email correspondence with their customers remains one of the most effective and cheapest methods of communication they can engage in.

Tim Norman, director at SDL Web Content Management Solutions, has highlighted the need for any marketing efforts to be tailored to a particular audience, as well as remaining both current and engaging.

"In an effort to avoid the spam folder or the delete button, email marketing is still very much in the game and best practices have emerged - employing email as a way of creating relationships with prospects and customers," Mr Norman added.

Writing for the Fresh Business Thinking website, the expert explained that it is important for industry professionals to create and publish "high-impact, compelling and relevant" content.

However, while regular contact with customers is encouraged, Mr Norman added that marketers should avoid allowing their correspondence to become "more of the same"

"Your value to the customer is based on a relationship, which requires care and attention," he said.

Posted by Richard Jones