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The AI era: Is the government ready?

Kaitlin Harris Data quality

U.S. government agencies at every level are investing in data more than ever before to power technological innovation, economic growth, and national security. Following an Executive Order earlier this year, the top mandate for federal, state, and local government agencies is to leverage high-quality data to feed into artificial intelligence for actionable insights.

To help agency executives with their AI roadmap, this year’s Data Driven Government, the premier analytics and AI conference for government, featured trends and best practices for data preparation, analytics, and how government agencies can drive actionable insights. The key takeaway was that data is the foundation of AI, and without a comprehensive data governance strategy complete with data quality, AI will fail.

As you work to prepare your vault of government data for AI, you’ll need a foundation of accurate, complete, well-structured data in a machine-readable format for automatic processing. Don’t know where to start? We can help. Our data quality management solutions can help you profile, cleanse, and standardize your data, shaving weeks or even months off your project timeline so your data is reliable and AI-ready.

Learn more about how we can help your agency prepare for AI technology by improving the quality of your data.

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