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Improve customer service with on-demand call centers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Switching existing call centers to an on-demand platform can be a cost-effective way for businesses to improve their customer service.

This is according to new research by the Aberdeen Group, which explained that because consumers now demand 24-7 service, hosted technology offers the perfect solution.

And although migration to a SaaS-based call center solution is not entirely free of risks, the task can be made easier with a careful choice of solution and service agreements.

According to data, 28 per cent of organizations chose an on-demand solution because they do not have the skills customers need to offer the required customer service.

It follows news that a number of organizations are reinvesting in their existing call centers in an attempt to boost customer retention rates.

Forbes reports that businesses are looking to enhance their customer experience by putting more money into improving services and using new technologies, from customer relationship management tools to automated service systems.

Posted by Richard Jones