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Improving data quality can help the environment

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The advent of the personal computer has no doubt changed the way that companies do business. Ease of use has allowed productivity to be enhanced substantially and those organizations that fully utilize this technology have seen substantial growth.

Even so, some areas of business still require paper delivery, as this option has remained efficient and reliable. According to Melissa Data, one of the best ways to reduce wasteful spending and decrease a company's carbon footprint is to look into a data quality solutions provider to ensure that paper data is accurate and up-to-date.

By utilizing a third-party data quality solution, any company can become more green through cleansing and deduplication processes. The removal of outdated and incorrect data from a system can help save a company time and money by eliminating unnecessary mailers that are sent out for promotion or customer loyalty purposes. Saving on paper and shipping expenses allows extra funds to be reinvested into areas of the budget that may be lacking, the source explains.

On a larger scale, a positive impact could be made by reducing the amount of trees needed for pulp and paper production, as well as reducing harmful gas emissions from vehicle transports.

By Paul Newton