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Data quality issues 'should be prioritized'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been told that they need to prioritize the data quality issues which they face.

This is according to Phil Simon, an independent technology consultant writing for the Smart Data Collective website, who noted that it is important to distinguish between errors and issues within their records.

Indeed, Mr Simon added that IT managers will gain more respect from their colleagues if they take the time to separate the major issues from ones that do not require immediate treatment.

"Take the time to understand the nuances of your data, your information management project's constraints and the links among different systems, tables and applications," he said.

His comments follow claims made by Dave Watson, chief operating officer at iWay Software, that continual advancements to the IT landscape mean data quality is taking on a new importance for a number of US enterprises.

He noted that for organizations that rely on getting customers accurate, reliable and timely information, improving the quality of data should be viewed as a priority.

Posted by Richard Jones