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Learning and exploring at the 2017 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

The Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in sunny San Diego was the home to the 2017 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference (TLCC). In its 21st year, the Tessitura Network comprises over 550 of the world's premiere arts, cultural, and entertainment organizations united by a common technology that enables them to achieve operational excellence. Tessitura Arts Enterprise Software, the flagship product of the Tessitura Network, is a fully-integrated, single database for ticketing / admissions, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, fundraising, memberships, business intelligence, and real-time web and mobile transactions. Thousands of individuals use Tessitura to serve millions of arts and cultural patrons each year, helping to advance their institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The mission of the 2017 TLCC is to congregate more than 1300 passionate Tessitura artists, ticketers, marketers, fundraiser, developers, technical users, and executives to learn and explore how they are utilizing the Tessitura CRM platform and services to their benefit. With 250 breakout sessions, the spirit of the conference is one of mutual consideration and educating and assisting other organizations. Experian Data Quality was among 40 partners who sponsored the 2017 TLCC. As a silver sponsor, we were given the privilege to represent the data quality needs of the network. This was a great showcase of the Tessitura partnership ecosystem and how so many different Tessitura customers are effectively utilizing their partner’s software solutions and services.

Tessitura and Experian Data Quality established our partnership in 2004 to provide real-time address validation solutions for Tessitura customers in both the box office and online checkout process. Today, there are more than 50 Tessitura customers utilizing Experian’s integrated data quality solutions. The goal of this partnership is to ensure Tessitura customers are capturing and maintaining the highest level of constituent contact information. From there, Tessitura customers can increase mail deliverability rates, decrease the cost and time to re-package re-turned mail, and ensure all intended content is reaching their audience accurately for donation and prospecting purposes.

One of the highlights of the 2017 TLCC was the Wednesday night party on the U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier flight deck. This provided the opportunity to break out from the general sessions and let loose with the Tessiturian Rock Band. A Tessitura conference tradition, the rock band features musicians from both the company and the community users.

The overall theme of the Tessitura conference is to explore the innovative technology, collaborate with peers in the industry, gain some hands-on experience with product experts, become inspired by the keynote speakers, and build lifelong memories. It lived up to my expectations. Looking forward to 2018 TLCC!

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