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Poor data management security is 'endemic'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Poor security of data management systems has reached endemic proportions, it has been claimed.

Writing for, Sanjay Sarathy, chief marketing officer at Vindicia, said that the huge attack on Sony PlayStation in April should have shocked businesses into reassessing the protection of data management processes, but he doubted it had.

"I continue to speak of my outrage that months after Sony's first attack, customer data remained un-encrypted… the idea of blue chip companies failing to employ the most basic protection is a cause for despair," he said.

Mr Sarathy said that the majority of security problems are only caused by two "deadly sins"; employee negligence and cost cutting.

He claimed that training and awareness programmes, as well as encryption, can prevent loss through negligence, while companies need to take heed of the spiralling cost of data breaches before reducing security budgets.

Richard Denny, business growth specialist and chairman of the Richard Denny Group, said that cultivating a culture of honesty and integrity can protect data management systems.

Posted by Paul Newton