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USPS hosts conference to discuss direct marketing strategies

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United Stated Postal Service recently held the 2012 USPS Sampling Innovation Symposium to gather direct marketing leaders from across the country and discuss their strategies for delivering products in a way that effectively reaches customers.

"Mail is the only medium that really enables marketers to do this," said Marc McCrery, USPS executive manager for the sampling program. "It provides access to people's homes, and it can be tracked to determine if the samples actually convert to sales."

Retailers that plan to send samples aren't the only ones finding that direct mail continues to complement their overall multichannel marketing strategies. A recent survey of realtors found the majority of real estate agents still opt to reach clients with direct messages through physical mail. Jack Hipolito of HF Realty explains that direct mail has a faster response time and allows senders to relay a personal message.

Businesses that maintain a high standard for contact data quality and use address verification software can confidently send out direct mail messages that target specific customers. Greater accuracy in a direct marketing campaign can ultimately save companies money and boost their ROI.