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U.S. Postal Service® strengthens data security algorithm

Sean R. Coombs Data quality

Cyber security is a hot-button issue today. From allegations of election hacking to consumer credit card data being swiped from the nation’s largest retailers, one thing is certain: you can never be too secure with your handling of data. According to estimates by Juniper Research1, cybercrime will costs businesses over $2 trillion by 2019.

In an effort to safeguard their data, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS®) is enhancing their security algorithm from ‘SHA-1’ to ‘SHA-256’ (SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm). While the change is relatively painless, the increased security standards go a long way toward protecting the address data of millions of Americans.

What does this mean for your business?

For certain customers of Experian Data Quality, the change involves updating your DLL/library with the new security standards. We have an update available now, and we encourage you to update your product anytime between now and August 1, 2017. After this date, your products might no longer accept DPV data updates. To avoid an interruption in service, we encourage you to schedule the change well in advance of that date.

What products are involved?

The relevant Experian Data Quality products are:

  • CorrectAddress with USA and/or Geocoding data
  • Batch with CASS data
  • Pro and Pro Web—only if you use DPV data

How do you make the change?

You can find instructions on how to make the change here. If a third party manages your integration, you may need to ask them to make the update for you. Please note that this change will work for any of the following platforms. If you are not on a platform listed here or are running Windows XP/2003 or earlier, please contact us as soon as possible for special assistance:

  • Windows (except Windows XP/2003)
  • Sun Solaris 64 bit (Sparc)
  • IBM AIX 64 bit
  • Linux (x86-64)

Do you have any questions about the change or need support for the change in any way? Call our Customer Support team at 888-712-3332 or visit our new customer portal. If you do not already have an account, call our Customer Support team to get set up.

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