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Various data management tactics critical to insight

Rachel Wheeler Archive

There are many different things companies can do with their internal data. One of the worst, however, would be to leave it alone. Lack of oversight could lead to long-term problems, as the best information archives have components that will last a long time as context for future analytics efforts.

TechTarget contributor Wayne Eckerson recently spoke to analytics leaders about their needs and found that they mentioned data maintenance. For example, consultancy head Kurt Thearling suggested companies curate their information resources, a process that involves making facts and figures more easily available to potential users.

Thearling stated that this process of curation is quite separate from data quality, but that it does not replace it. He emphasized that data quality as companies understand it is still important, too. While quality measures reflect whether data will produce the right results when used, Thearling's idea of curation involves making sure it can be found when it is needed.

Many experts have predicted trouble for companies unable to come to grips with data quality. SQL Server Pro contributor Brian Knight stated that letting informational strife go unchecked is one of the main faults businesses can commit if they hope to start drawing any value from their analytics programs.