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Data quality management platform

Discover data insights at the speed of your business with Experian Aperture Data Studio.

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It’s not about how much data you have—it’s about how you build a data quality strategy for it

Experian Aperture Data Studio combines self-service data quality with globally curated data sets into a single data quality management platform. This empowers modern data practitioners to build a consistent, accurate, and holistic view of their consumer data quickly and effortlessly.

Built with today’s business users in mind, the platform provides you with an intuitive interface and workflow capabilities to validate, cleanse, de-duplicate, and enrich data from any source. What’s more, these workflows are extensible and repeatable, ensuring that business users across the enterprise transform data consistently.

Experian Aperture Data Studio enables you to ingest data from a variety of sources, including Hadoop clusters, to bring together previously siloed data sets for a single customer view. For the most complete consumer insight available, you can cleanse this data and enrich it with our globally curated data sets. Whether you need to understand your customers for improved marketing or for regulatory purposes, Aperture Data Studio should be an essential piece of your data management process.

Gain trust in your data with Experian Aperture Data Studio

This is Alice. Alice is the VP of Data Analytics.She is focused on improving customer experience. Sounds simple, but there is a problem...

Silos between databases across the enterprise make it nearly impossible to have a consolidated view of their customer base. What's worse, the IT department says that the amount of SQL coding and data preparation needed to create a single customer view could take several weeks -- or even months.

"We don't have that kind of time!"

Alice knows she needs to quickly consolidate data assets across multiple sources, identify duplicates, and create a golden record for each customer.

"I need reliable customer insight."

Introducing Experian Aperture Data Studio

Get end-to-end data quality in a single platform to profile, cleanse, validate, enrich, and match your data.Using this platform, Alice is able to complete her single customer view initiative.

With greater insight into her current customers, Alice can improve her targeted marketing campaigns and even improve the customer experence.

Our data quality management platform is built for business.


Sophisticated drag-and-drop workflow elements enable business users to build complex data processes quickly and audit their work

Speed to value

Operationalize your data quality management and deploy in days without having to wait for any development or write any SQL

Single platform

Works with your existing technology stack and data feeds to profile, cleanse, validate, transform, enrich, and de-duplicate data

Global data

Leverage petabytes of trusted Experian consumer and business records for a fuller picture of your consumer

Full Feature Set


  • Custom workflows for data profiling, cleansing, validation, transformation, enrichment, and deduplication
  • Extensible workflows can be expanded or added to over time
  • Reusable workflows ensure consistent transformations every time
Take control of your data to improve business outcomes.

Learn how Experian Aperture Data Studio empowers business users to perform sophisticated data processes with confidence and build a trusted source of data.

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Ready to discover data insights at the speed of your business?

Let us help you take control of your data to build a stronger data management process and improve business outcomes. With Experian Aperture Data Studio, you can empower your business users to perform complex data processes with confidence and build a trusted source of data. Ready to get started?