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Experian Pandora

Achieve success with data that delivers.

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Every data initiative benefits from information you can trust.

Experian Pandora helps you to ensure you have high-quality data to power important business decisions. Whether you’re taking on a data migration or completing an integration, the tool’s robust profiling and discovery capabilities help you to complete your projects more efficiently, and with more accurate data. With an easy-to-use interface, the solution enables both technical and non-technical users to analyze and improve data from any source. Plus, Experian Pandora provides quick time to value, with quick installation and the ability to process vast amounts of data in seconds.

Experian Pandora rethinks the traditional approach to a data migration. It removes the guesswork from a data migration project by analyzing the full volume of data upfront. Experian Pandora puts the power in the hands of your business users, enabling them to verify the rules and ensure the viability of the data for its intended use. By creating a prototype of mapping specifications, the solution allows you to ensure that all data being migrated to the new system will pass the established standards. This helps to prevent potential future issues and overruns on timeline and budget.

With data quality at the top of your data migration checklist, success is one step closer.

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Migration, integration, transformation: whatever data management project you’re undertaking, let Experian Pandora help lead you to success.

Data quality is an integral piece of any data management strategy. Make Experian Pandora an integral piece of your data quality program. See it in action