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Experian Pandora: Data management platform

Profile your data, discover relationships between siloed information, and create business-specific data quality rules and dashboards.

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Do you really understand the true impact that poor data quality can have on your business? Do you value your data the same way as you would any other business assets, such as property, equipment, people, or even money? Data is at the heart of every organization and data quality is a key ingredient of performance and profitability. Almost all large companies now have a data quality management strategy, yet eighty-three percent admit that data quality issues still have a negative impact on costs, revenues and business risks. Data quality issues affect all areas of business, from customer service and regulatory compliance to sales and marketing productivity and financial accuracy. Having high quality data improves decision-making, lowers operational costs and increases bottom-line profits. Experian Pandora empowers you to understand the state of your data, uncover unknown issues, determine root causes and quantify what poor quality data means to profitability. It improves your data by consolidating, cleansing, transforming and standardizing data, enabling you to accelerate all data related projects. By enriching your data with Experian reliable reference data within minutes Experian Pandora drives better decision-making and improved profits. Lastly our software manages the quality of your data, monitoring, measuring, justifying and prioritizing based on business benefit. Experian Pandora helps you manage the quality of all data across your organization, including contact, product and financial. The software makes data quality management quick, collaborative and transparent, making it the perfect choice to meet your business goals. See how it can help you make a success of your data quality initiative today by speaking to one of our team.

Data management made easy

Our platform’s unique underlying database enables business users to conduct profiling analysis and relationship discovery with incredible speed. Complex data processing tasks that used to take hours or even days to complete can be done in seconds with Experian Pandora.

By proactively profiling full volumes of data using more than 200 data quality metrics, this powerful tool gives you unprecedented insight into all of your business’s information. Experian Pandora even accepts data from a variety of sources, whether you’re dealing with spreadsheets, delimited files, or relational databases, making it the go-to solution for data migration projects. 

What Schroders Bank says

"Not only did Experian Pandora identify short-term system fixes, it also highlighted challenges that the existing systems faced in order to provide high-quality, timely data for the investment process, leading to further discussions about future data strategy and architecture upgrades."

Mike Law - Head of Investment Data, Schroders Bank

Master your data management strategy

Data profiling and discovery

Browse and interrogate data and metadata, with more than 200 attributes available. Investigate and assess data content, structure, relationships, and quality. Profile data to highlight statistically unusual values and outliers.

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Data cleansing and enrichment

Enrich and improve your data with hundreds of custom cleansing and validation capabilities. Enhance your data set with Experian reference data to gain greater insight into your customers and prospects. 

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Data type standardization

Standardize your data, regardless of the data type. Our data management software allows you to discover complex relationships and dependencies between data records, across disparate systems and data sets. 

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Monitoring and resolution

Control your data over time with automatic defect monitoring and resolution. Our data management tool utilizes a combination of dashboards, alerts, and a comprehensive workflow management system.

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Did you know...

of organizations have challenges with their data governance program

of organizations say it is difficult to predict when and where the next data quality challenge will arise

of organizations have a data management project planned in the next 12 months 

of businesses have to wait a day or longer to receive their requested data from their IT department

*Source: 2017 global data management benchmark report


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Features of Experian Pandora

  • Usability: Its intuitive, business-centric platform is built with data stewards, analysts, and other non-technical users in mind.
  • Scalability: Quick and easy installation? Minimal user training? Fast and convenient results? You get it all. Plus, you can browse through as many as 2 billion records on screen in seconds.
  • Automated: Monitors and reports on your data quality automatically with customizable dashboards and alerts.
  • Collaborative: Supports multi-user collaboration with role-based security permissions.
  • Standard connectivity: Connects to databases via JDBC and publishes to third-party applications via ODBC.
  • Reliability: Is a trusted resource for all users with flexible backup options and redundancy management.
  • Issue management: Powerful defect detection, allocation, resolution, and alert management means you can easily set and maintain data quality KPIs. 

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