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Data quality for retailers

Power customer experience and segmentation

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Customer data verification helps retailers achieve a single customer view and execute more customer-centric strategies.

Why retailers turn to data quality

of retailers see a return on investment from their data quality solutions

of retailers state that data quality issues negatively impact consumer trust and perception 

of retailers say that they rely on educated guesses or gut feelings to make decisions based on their data

* Source: 2017 global data management benchmark report

How implementing a data management strategy can drive your business forward:

Achieve a single customer view

Enable data discovery and analysis for superior customer segmentation.

Learn more about data profiling with Experian Pandora

Run an effective loyalty program

Enable more relevant marketing and loyalty programs to reach the right customers at the right time with the most effective message or offer.

Learn more about our solutions for loyalty

Frictionless ecommerce

Reduce operational costs and inefficiencies at every point of checkout.

Learn more about our solutions for point of sale

Optimize email programs

Improve inbox placement, sender reputation, and enable effective re-engagement campaigns 

Learn more about our solutions for email programs

Execute successful data projects

Execute successful data migration projects on time and on budget, as well as enable effective customer journey mapping. 

Learn more about data discovery and management with Experian Pandora

Gain new insights

Gain new insights into your customers with Experian's 3rd party data. 

Learn more about our data enrichment solutions

 Experian Data Quality has been a great partner. The address validation service has helped us to more effectively automate our order processing and has helped our customers shop more confidently, knowing their order will be delivered to the correct addresses. 

David Burbine - Director of Ecommerce, Dooney&Bourke
Overstock reduced business costs 1,000,000 by improving customer data quality

Learn how the implementation of our address validation solution helped to eliminate wasted time and money, while boosting customer satisfaction by more than 40% within the first year.

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Find out how retailers are using data quality to get ahead

We know your customer data is one of your most important assets. Poor data quality leads to inefficiencies, negative customer experiences, and loss of revenue. 

We help our retail customers get it right the first time with real time contact data management solutions. You operate in an omni-channel retail world and we support you wherever you are collecting customer data, as well as when it's time to run analysis to gain insights on your existing customer data. 

Retailers who prioritize good customer data quality are poised to turn data into opportunity. 

Do you trust your data to work for you? 

7 tips to better data management

We partner with the best in retail

Address verification reduces returned mail, streamlines operations, enhances customer profiling, and improves targeted marketing efforts.

Email verification ensures deliverability and inbox placement and enhances email campaign performance.

Duplicate identification software ensures that retailers maintain a single customer view despite disparate databases, customer data errors, and other factors. This results in simpler and more efficient customer data management.

Individualized consumer insight is available for retailers who prioritize real-time customer data analysis for customer intelligence, marketing offers, and website advertisements

Experian’s CrossCore helps to ensure no fraudulent accounts will be opened with your brand, and that you will not have false positives, which takes away from potential revenue.


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