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Monthly Archives: March 2016

April Fool me once

The year was 2004. An ambitious, young, soon-to-be data blogger had his first internship in the IT department of a Fortune 500 company. (Impressive, I know.) I had been working there roughly three years and was considered the youngest employee in company history by at least half a decade.

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National Mom and Pop Shop Day

Stephen Ochs

Every year we take time to honor the small businesses owners of the world, those who are dedicated to providing services for their community and are not looking to become a giant franchise. This day is March 29th, National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. 

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Data usage is changing and management is evolving with it.

Erin Haselkorn

Last week, I had a chance to speak with colleague Mike Delgado regarding the changing world of data and data management. I recently managed a global research project for Experian Data Quality where we asked 1,400 people from eight countries about their data usage and data management practices. The results were a story of evolution and rapid change.

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9 standout quotes from ‘Gain better customer insight via improved data quality’ webinar

Lauren McKinney

Yesterday, we held the ‘Gain better customer insight via improved data quality’ webinar that reviewed our 2016 global data management benchmark report’s most important findings and conclusions. Erin Haselkorn, Analyst and Public Relations Manager and Basil Brown, Pandora PreSales – Technical Lead discussed the key takeaways

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3 key takeaways from LeadsCon West 2016

Experian Data Quality recently revisited Las Vegas to attend one of the country’s largest and most intriguing conferences for direct marketing: LeadsCon West.

During this year’s LeadsCon West conference, when not discussing March Madness or the looming St. Patrick’s Day Vegas shenanigans, there were three emerging conversation topics that were brought up surrounding direct marketing campaigns and how to leverage data to make the most of prospect and customer information.

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Sender reputations, credit scores, and a classic case of "Run it again"

I’m sorry sir, your card’s been declined.

What do you mean? Run it again.

Yes sir, I’ve already run this three times. It’s—it’s not going through.

That’s impossible. This is a Platinum card with a $50,000 limit. Let me use your phone, I’m calling my bank.

Awkward, isn’t it? As you may have guessed, Evan did not walk out of the store with his new Gucci loafers. Now what happened here?

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To the Women of the World

This morning, a group of women in our office gathered together for a photo. But, as I looked around the room, I realized that this photo had a lot more to say than simply a picture of us in our kitchen up on the 19th floor. This photo holds women of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and job titles, all of whom work at a technology company. From software engineers to the VP of Global Product Marketing, these women are making careers for themselves in a field where, for women, that isn’t all too common. 

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How to instantly improve your conversion rates

Sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s not. There is a guaranteed, simple way to improve your conversion rates (or whatever else you are measured on in the Marketing world). You can scan the web, read as many books, and invest in as many programs as you’d like, but the answer is a lot simpler than you think, and just like a magic trick, the answer is most often staring you in the face.

I have worked with countless marketing agencies, marketers from Fortune 500 companies, marketers from get the picture. They all face different hurdles and different struggles in accomplishing their daily objective—which is to say, improving conversion rates.  No matter the industry, the message, the budget, the database, they all share a common attribute—and that is the overall key to this “magic trick.”

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