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3 key takeaways from LeadsCon West 2016

Experian Data Quality recently revisited Las Vegas to attend one of the country’s largest and most intriguing conferences for direct marketing: LeadsCon West.

During this year’s LeadsCon West conference, when not discussing March Madness or the looming St. Patrick’s Day Vegas shenanigans, there were three emerging conversation topics that were brought up surrounding direct marketing campaigns and how to leverage data to make the most of prospect and customer information.

1. Consumer information

A crucial topic at LeadsCon was how an organization can understand and use what they know about their own target markets to make a strategic decision to change their scope of business. A specific example of this was for insurance lenders.

These lenders were interested in learning more about their own customers to provide supplementary services. Whether it be car, health, or life insurance, many providers cover a range of services which can be added on. If a customer holds car insurance and is approaching retirement, has children, and enjoys extreme activities, then a marketing or sales team is able to better understand their customer base, and more effectively target them.

2. Accurate data

Several marketing companies at LeadsCon were time and again having issues with not only the contact data they had on their own leads, but also the leads they were subsequently providing to their customers. Complaints ranged from having several bounce back issues with email campaigns, to issues with landing in recipients' spam folders, returned address mail, and issues surrounding FCC regarding phone campaigns. Some marketing managers thought at least 20 percent of their existing database of addresses, emails, and phones were incorrect.

3. Efficiency with marketing campaigns

Due to the large number of leads that companies are pooling their offerings from, it has been difficult to determine which of their leads are the most valuable and which are worth the most time invested. Prioritizing leads based on each company’s unique criteria for what represents a good lead was a main source of discussion with lead generation owners.

Apart from the excellent keynote speakers during the two-day event, building a bigger, clearer picture of a company’s existing and future customers is key to being able to leverage targeted campaigns and upselling opportunities. Fortunately, there is now data profiling available to build the perfect picture of who a customer will be, how and when they might purchase, and how future engagements will occur.

Just because LeadsCon West is over, that doesn’t mean the conversation around these topics needs to come to an end. We invite you to take a look at our data enrichment capabilities and to stay in touch. We are confident it will take these conversations in a positive direction for both you and your data.

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