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Yearly Archives: 2016

5 key tips for growing and maintaining your network

Networking: some of us love it, some of us…not so much, but either way, it is an essential part to growing both personally and professionally. Recently, Experian Data Quality hosted a Local Levo: Boston event entitled ‘The Power of a Network,’ that helped give us, regardless of how we felt about the concept before, a whole new outlook on networking.

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Unnecessary necessities

Here’s an exercise for you: Go to Google. Type in, “The three necessities of life.” What’s the first result? I’ll save you the keystrokes—unlike most searches, the first result doesn’t link to a website. The answer’s so obvious that Google provides one for you. Food, (including water), shelter, and clothing. No matter what culture, time era, or religion, everyone agrees that in life, these are the absolute three necessities of survival. Without food and water, you die.  Without shelter or clothing to protect you from the elements, guess what, you die. 

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How less is more for customer satisfaction

It sounds counter-intuitive, but a very impactful approach to customer satisfaction is to minimize the number of customer interactions. Let me explain. Each interaction requires retailers to invest considerable effort to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The more interactions or steps there are to the customer journey, the harder it becomes to deliver a great overall customer experience.

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When staying organized means so much more

Here at Experian Data Quality (EDQ), we are doing a lot to forge the way for women in technology. As we know, women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers are sometimes more rare than common to find.  It can often feel like you are diving off into the unknown and navigating a new industry.

Here at EDQ, beyond developing careers in this area and working to empower women to make waves in the technology space, these women are balancing their talents, families, and friends. As busy women running between innovative projects, leadership meetings, (and replenishing our cups of coffee), it can be difficult to juggle all of these important items while still making time for what matters when we turn off our computers at the end of the day. Lucky for us, we have Emily Ley to help us out.  

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A modern marketer’s new best friend: the chief data officer

Marketers are dealing with more data challenges than ever before, but they may soon get some much needed help. The Chief Data Officer is coming to the rescue, evangelizing change and improving data usage across organizations. Next week I am heading to the EMS client summit to chat about this revolution and help marketers better understand the power of working with the CDO.

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Introducing DataArc 360 powered by Experian Pandora

Those of us who work at Experian Data Quality are constantly laser-focused on helping our customers ensure they have accurate, actionable data. Whether that is enabling marketers to reach their customers through cross-channel campaigns, helping IT departments break down barriers with their business user counterparts, or allowing operations teams to manage risk and streamline data reporting, we are here to help. That last group of EDQ customers that I just mentioned—the risk and operations folks—this blog post is for you.

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A mobile app experience for the non-app user

No one should dispute the importance of mobile in today’s shopping journey. But what may be disputed is whether the focus should be on mobile apps or mobile browsers. I’m here to tell you why, before you go all out in developing a mobile app, you should consider optimizing your mobile browsing experience first.

It may go against what a lot of your peers are saying, but the mobile browsing experience is paramount to the mobile app experience. Your mobile apps house your most loyal customers; they’ll come back to you no matter what (unless, of course, you miss spectacularly on their expectations). If you want to continue growing your customer base, however, making sure new shoppers have a good experience all around means investing in a better mobile browsing experience. Let’s find out how to go about that, shall we?

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Rapid data quality change is helping business transformation

Erin Haselkorn

The data quality market continues to change at a rapid pace, with businesses demanding more from their information and looking to leverage analytics in interesting new ways. Data will continue to be a critical element as businesses look to transform operations and become more digital.

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Data quality for small businesses: A self-service approach

Whether you’re a leader at a start-up aspiring to be the next Facebook or Snapchat, or a small business owner running a company that’s been in your family for years, you know that reaching your customers and maintaining those relationships is the key to success.

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Mobile customer engagement best practices

Whether we are talking about store associates wielding mobile POS devices or consumers sporting their mobile phones, mobile digital transactions are on the rise and gaining in importance.

The latest studies* show that online purchasing has now become the preference, just beating out other forms of purchasing (e.g. store, catalog) by 51 percent to 49 percent. And 77 percent of mobile phone users have used their devices during the shopping process, with over 40 percent having completed a mobile purchase. This number rises to over 60 percent for Millennials. Clearly online and in particular, mobile online shopping, is redefining the shopping experience for a large portion of the population.

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