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Data quality important to data warehousing success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to advance and get to grips with their data should look to utilize data warehousing strategies, it has been suggested.

Express Computer Online has reported that by implementing the technology, organizations will find it easier to "get to grips with their data in order to spot opportunities and devise competitive strategies".

Indeed, the news provider added that the biggest issue facing companies wanting to adopt data warehousing is data quality.

"When you think about it, the idea behind having a data warehouse is to ensure that an organization gets access to clean, meaningful data. Data quality is, therefore, the biggest issue here," the article stated.

Elsewhere, a recent report by CMSwire has suggested that high data quality standards are an important component of an effective marketing campaign.

The article stated that, at its most basic point, possessing accurate information on customers is key to marketing success.

It noted: "The data quality issue has long plagued marketing; inaccurate and incomplete data limits your ability to target marketing campaigns to the right buyer personas at the right time in the sales process to influence the buying decision."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler