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Improving customer communication at the 2018 Tessitura Learning and Community Conference

This week, I attended the 2018 Tessitura Learning and Community Conference (TLCC) in Orlando, FL. For the first time, a Disney property was selected for this conference and at first, I was surprised by the size of this location. However, once I arrived I realized that while the venue seemed larger than ever before, the 1900 attendees filled it up quite well. So when the conference shared that this was the largest attendance of any previous Tessitura conference, it wasn’t hard to believe. This community is growing and is strong, and throughout the conference, I saw many positive trends. 

As a conference sponsor, it is wonderful to continue to work in this tight-knit group of companies that are solving the data-related issues that companies small to large struggle to solve. The theaters, opera houses, zoos and other art community-based groups that make up the Tessitura community know that their patrons are the lifeblood of their organization. They need quality, actionable data to effectively engage and maintain relationships with these customers. The fact that it is paramount to have quality data to support interactions with patrons is a common understanding throughout the community. Organizations are working to ensure they have a foundation of trustworthy data to enable success. Experian will continue to provide solutions to these organizations to ensure that they are able to maintain the highest level of quality data to improve customer communication throughout every channel.

In fact, one customer stopped by our booth and was raving about her experience with Experian’s data quality products. She mentioned that since they started working with Experian, they have been able to de-duplicate their database in the realm of 100s of thousands down to two thousand.  She also mentioned that they have started running quarterly National Change of Address reports that allow for them to communicate with their patrons when they move but do not inform their organization. As her organization moves forward with data quality initiatives, they will be looking at email validation to ensure each piece of customer data is accurate. She explained that her experience working to improve the data her organization collects has been excellent. Throughout this process what really resonated with her was the ability to spend less time looking through duplicate data, so that her organization could allocate more time to focus on their customers and how to effectively communicate with them.

It’s no secret that Tessitura’s users are working very hard with limited staff and budgets to maximize their patron’s support and enjoyment of their offerings. Seeing and hearing about how Experian is enriching their use of the Tessitura platform as well as improving customer communication was a rewarding component of this week’s conference. This was one of the most beneficial TLCC conferences to date, and I’m looking forward to what’s in store for 2019!

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