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Yearly Archives: 2015

Experian Pandora: Bringing a step change in Data Governance oversight

In my blog, “The role of technology in empowering the CIO and CDO office”, I explain the role the Chief Information Officer can play in helping the Chief Data Officer function through technology supporting data preparation, monitoring and data governance. Technology is not the answer to all of these, however it can make data practitioners lives much easier, providing the necessary productivity boost.

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Stack your offense with a solid data quality strategy

Melissa Nazar Data quality

Football season is in full swing. If you’re like me, you’re working to perfect your fantasy football line up. And if you’re a true fantasy football guru, you know all too well that a  good offense will score you many more points that a strong defense—that’s why you’ll find benches stacked with wide receivers and quarterbacks rather than defensive lines.

The same holds true when you look at data quality strategy. Yes, I did make a football/data quality analogy—tis the season. Being on the offensive with your data quality will put you in a stronger position than constantly investing in your defensive line.

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&Then DMA: Reports from the exhibit floor

When marketers, data gurus and members of the tech industry get together at an industry event, you get a number of things:  interesting market insights, new ideas from the most innovative companies, extensive networking opportunities. But one of the real draws of industry shows? The exhibit hall. It’s where creativity meets sales head on, with combination of cool booths and fun swag.

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The 3 main obstacles to loyalty programs

What is customer loyalty driven by? If you take a look at some of the companies today with the most successful loyalty programs, you would come to the conclusion that success in loyalty programs is the result of accurate data-driven insights.

Retailers focus on loyalty programs. Why? In an era when consumers have more control over their shopping experiences than ever before—with multiple digital channels and a 24/7 at-their-leisure shopping cycle—loyalty programs are an integral part of continuous engagement with, and being relevant to, the customer. They enable you to encourage and motivate your best consumers to keep purchasing your product or service.

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3 behavioral economics principles for digital marketers

Richard Thaler describes the origins of economics, “Economic models have substituted the human being, or Homo sapiens, for “a fictional creature called Homo economicus,” or “Econ,” a perfectly rational decision maker who always optimizes.”

It should be clear that there is quite a large assumption in the basis of economic theory: it’s based on a perfectly rational decision maker who always optimizes.

So how can digital marketers use this information to convert more users?

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Retailer insights from the Twitterverse at

What’s top of mind for today’s retailers? The EDQ crew is back from a trip to Philadelphia for this year’s conference, the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) event specifically for digital and multichannel retailers. The floor was busy with conversation, but so was the social sphere: the conference Twitter hashtag #shoporg15 revealed a few common themes and insights on the mind of modern digital retailers today.

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BCBS 239 is abuzz in NYC

David Bresnick Data governance

At NYC’s Data Governance Financial Services Conference this week, presenters and attendees alike were buzzing about BCBS 239. As they should! While the internationally recognized Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published their guidelines on Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting back in January 2013, the three year head start to comply is looming! These principles really are a positive force in the industry, aimed at mitigating systemic risk across large banks, a factor contributing to the 2008 financial collapse. Both Global and Domestic Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs & D-SIBs, respectively) are in the crosshairs and expected to follow suit by the time the ball drops in Times Square (Jan 2016).

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Email database facelift: Getting your management practices right to ensure meaningful results

The majority of companies today are using email as a key channel in their marketing practices. Most marketers are always looking for new trends or best practices to improve email content and delivery, all to increase consumer engagement with messages. And while those are worthwhile efforts, new Experian Data Quality research finds that many of us are falling short on the basic concept of email database maintenance.

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Better leverage your data: Overcome common data quality challenges

Marketers need to work to improve their data management techniques and how they work with other parts of the organization to improve the quality of data assets. Yesterday, Erin Haselkorn, Analyst and Public Relations Manager at Experian Data Quality presented a webinar, “Better leverage your data: Overcome common data quality challenges.”

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Q&A with email deliverability expert

Recently, Spencer Kollas, Vice President of Global Deliverability at Experian Marketing Services and I hosted a webinar. We discussed ways that marketers can prepare for the upcoming holiday season, and gave useful tips for setting up marketing and eCommerce initiatives for holiday success. If you missed the webinar, check out this blog post that summarizes the presentation.

While we had Spencer with us, we conducted a Q&A session to get his input and insight on email deliverability and optimization best practices.

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